An exploration of the “language of gesture”

March 29th to April 1st

Led by Anthony Blake, Bhati Díaz, Piano Toño del Barco

A ‘language of gesture’ is said to be at the heart of Gurdjieff’s movements, but it is rarely investigated.

In this seminar we aim to come to a better understanding of the language of gesture.

In addition to the Gurdjieff’s dances we will also look on a larger canvas, examining various kinds of movement and practice, backed by the leading insights of John Bennett, for whom gesture was the language of will.

We will look into: what is known of the earliest forms of dance; the dances of traditional cultures; modern dance and research; forms of dynamic healing; true self-expression or ‘unconcealment’; Gurdjieff’s sacred gymnastics; ritual and worship; levels and qualities of sensation, and movements of the inner bodies, including movements that come ‘from within’.

Location: Masia la Torre, is located near the village of Nogueruelas (Teruel) Spain

Seminar Leaders

Anthony Blake, Director of Research of the DuVersity and a leading exponent of the ideas of John Bennett and his systematics, as well as of dialogue and modern ideas of communication and experiential knowledge.   (See for more information about DuVersity)

Bhati J.Díaz, Movement instructor. Directs Gurdjieff’s Work and Teaching groups from the Akhaldan Association (Spain) Therapist with more than twenty years of experience in body work Osteopathy and Acupunture