With Anthony Blake and Bhati Díaz

August 15th to August 22nd in Torronteras (Guadalajara) Spain


8 days residential seminar to  take a deep dive into the Gurdjieff´s  teachings and the practice of the Movements, with Bhati Díaz and Anthony Blake who spent 14 years with J.G.Bennett and more than fifty years at the work.

Gurdjieff said we are like three people, not one. One of them thinks, one of them feels, and one of them moves. A lot of the time, they squabble about who should be in charge, and compete for resources and satisfactions. People imagine they are one being, but initiative is seized by just one-third of us at a time.
Once there is consciousness of this situation , things can change. Just as between members of a family, conflict can give way to dialogue. The centres can cooperate. It is then possible that a new creation can come, something Gurdjieff called Real ‘I’.
Each of the centres needs to be appreciated and developed according to its nature; they have, in Gurdjieff’s words, to be spiritualised.
The fourth way proposed by Gurdjieff requires the harmonious development of all three centres together.

The Movements

The Movements can be considered as a language in the sense that through symbolic gestures and other signs, postures and  moves, they express cosmic laws that are difficult to perceive through our ordinary senses and are even beyond what our current understanding can reach.

The work with the movements allows us to come in contact with the sensitive energy, which makes us more sensitive to the functioning of the mind, feelings and body, we become able to enter the automatic energy without its inertia trapping us. This is what Gurdjieff called “remembering oneself”



Individual and group practical work, inner exercises, exploration of the sensations through the body, creativity, study of ideas and common work where we will carry out tasks to be able to take the work to our daily life, like for example at the kitchen. Bringing consciousness, attention and feeling:

  • Practice of movements.
  • Innner exercises that make us participate in the phenomenology of thought, feeling and sensation.
  • Study and observation of ideas of the Work. Talks and dialogues.
  • Live piano music for the sessions of Movements, which will be held in the village church, rehabilitated for gatherings.

The seminar will be conducted both in english and spanish

Led by

Anthony Blake

Director of Research of the DuVersity and a leading exponent of the ideas of John Bennett and his systematics, as well as of dialogue and modern ideas of communication and experiential knowledge.  Anthony Blake has a background in physics and philosophy. He studied with the physicist David Bohm and other innovators. He has worked and taught at the International Academy for Continuous Education in Sherborne, England, directed by J. G. Bennett. He is autor of several books including «The Intelligent Enneagram» and «The Supreme Art of Dialogue». He is the co-founder and director of studies of the «DuVersity» (

Bhati J.Díaz

Dirige los grupos de Trabajo y Movimientos de Gurdjieff desde la Asociación Akhaldan en España. Buscador en el trabajo desde hace 20 años.  Ha recibido el trabajo de diferentes linajes, siendo el de J.G.Bennett del que más ha recibido  influencia y en el que se  sigue inspirando para compartir este trabajo hacia nuevos y más amplios horizontes. «Los movimientos, no son un fin, son solo un comienzo».  Osteopata y Acupuntor.  Titulado por la Universidad  de MTC de Beijing. Doctor en Acupuntura, examen Internacional de Acupuntura por la  World federación of Chinese Medicine Societies en la Universidad de Beijing (China)

Ruben Yessayán


Was born in Madrid in 1978 of Armenian and Spanish descent. He began his musical studies at the age of eight. He obtained his professional title through the Arturo Soria Conservatory, studying piano with Rafael Solís and harmony with Enrique Igoa. In 1998 he joined the Manhattan School of Music in New York, where he studied piano with Nina Svetlanova and chamber music with Isidore Cohen. He obtains a Bachelor´s degree in 2002 and a Master in 2004. In addition to the piano, his broad musical interests have led him to carefully study some subjects such as orchestration with Giampaolo Bracali and formal analysis with Dr. Nils Vigeland and Dr. Reiko Fueting with special emphasis on the music of our time.

The place

Torronteras, a beautiful uninhabited village in central Spain 1 hour east from Madrid.

Torronteras is an uninhabited village and repopulated by an Austrians couple in the 70’s, since then they have taken care of the village, rehabilitating it to receive visitors and make the best honey of the region.

The village is at our disposal for the retreat.


The accommodation is in the different houses of the village, in 2-3 people rooms and shared bathroom.

There is the possibility of camping with your own tent.

How to arrive :

If you fly to Madrid or Valencia, you can be picked up at the airport by other participants of this seminar and reach the place by car.

It is 1h away from Madrid and 3h away from Valencia by car.

This possibility could also exist from Barcelona, but we cannot know for sure as we write these lines.

Seminar Fee:

In shared room: 560 € Booking before June 15 –  590€ after that date.

In a tent (own one): 460€ Booking before June 15,- 490€ after that date.

Includes accommodation and food, from the dinner of August 15th to the lunch of the 22nd

Registrations deposit 100€