Easter seminar 2019


April 17th toApril 21st - Masia La Torre - Nogueruelas (Teruel) Spain

With Anthony Blake and Bhati Díaz

Residential seminar to  take a deep dive into the Gurdjieff´s and J.G.Bennett  teachings and the practice of the Movements, with Bhati Díaz and Anthony Blake who spent 14 years with J.G.Bennett and more than fifty years at the work.

In the Gurdjieff work essence, as the inner world we are born with, and personality as the outer world we acquire through external life, are of different natures but both ‘ours’. We have to bring them together to create something new, our individuality. Both are necessary. The personality can learn and do things the essence cannot, while the essence is where our transformation has to take place, not personality.

The seminar will develop perspectives on these two sides of our nature and indicate how we may relate them to each other. But it involves individual work because every true individual is unique as personality and even essence are not. Our guidance will come from the compilation of John Bennett’s teaching called The Way to be Free, from which this quote is taken:


One of JGB’s favourite pictures. The lady is essence, the knight is personality.

We can have the feeling of self-control, of right behavior, right atti­tudes and even—especially—of making efforts and doing work. Yet it is all within the personality and we do not see it at the time. Perhaps after­wards we notice that we are pleased with ourselves, that somehow we think we have achieved something and we are comparing ourselves to others. Then the whole pretenceis laid bare. It was all just to feed our own egoism. Then we become distressed and think, “Is there any real work at all? If even my efforts, my attempts at self-observation, my sincerity with myself all turns out to be just play acting in my personality, is there anything?” As long as one is like that there is still no freedom, because it is simply another part of the personality in a state of distress. And then the realdjartklom*occurs and one sees it all; there is no longer any distress, no longer any disturbance, because one knows that this is not what matters.

*djartklom is the inner separation that allows us to see

Gurdjieff Movements

To give a basis or medium for our dialogues, Bhati Diaz will work at some of Gurdjieff’s movements with us.

This will help us enter in to what Bennett called ‘the mystery of the human body’ – the ‘stage’ on which the drama of essence and personality has to play out as spirit and matter. The movements can be seen as ‘spirits’ longing to be manifest in bodies.


Individual and group practical work, inner exercises, exploration of the sensations through the body, creativity, study of ideas and common work where we will carry out tasks to be able to take the work to our daily life.

  • Practice of movements.
  • Innner exercises that make us participate in the phenomenology of thought, feeling and sensation.
  • Study and observation of ideas of the Work. Talks and dialogues.

The seminar will be conducted both in english and spanish

The place

Masia la Torre.
Masía La Torre de los frailes is near by of the village Nogueruelas, in the south of Teruel region (Spain).

Led by:

Anthony Blake

Director of Research of the DuVersity and a leading exponent of the ideas of John Bennett and his systematics, as well as of dialogue and modern ideas of communication and experiential knowledge.  Anthony Blake has a background in physics and philosophy. He studied with the physicist David Bohm and other innovators. He has worked and taught at the International Academy for Continuous Education in Sherborne, England, directed by J. G. Bennett. He is autor of several books including «The Intelligent Enneagram» and «The Supreme Art of Dialogue». He is the co-founder and director of studies of the «DuVersity» (www.duversity.org).

Bhati J.Diaz.

Movement instructor. Directs Gurdjieff’s Work and groups from the Akhaldan Association (Spain) Osteopath and Acupuncturist Graduated from the TCM University of Beijing. Doctor of Acupuncture, International Acupuncture by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies at the University of Beijing (China)


Ruben Yessayan

Ruben Yessayán was born in Madrid in 1978 of Armenian and Spanish descent. He began his musical studies at the age of eight. He obtained his professional title through the Arturo Soria Conservatory, studying piano with Rafael Solís and harmony with Enrique Igoa. In 1998 he joined the Manhattan School of Music in New York, where he studied piano with Nina Svetlanova and chamber music with Isidore Cohen. He obtains a Bachelor´s degree in 2002 and a Master in 2004. In addition to the piano, his broad musical interests have led him to carefully study some subjects such as orchestration with Giampaolo Bracali and formal analysis with Dr. Nils Vigeland and Dr. Reiko Fueting with special emphasis on the music of our time.

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